The perfect hybrid between contract and residential

Inspired by 20th-century Austrian chairs, Brulla is a stackable wooden seat.

Its defining aesthetic is given by the juxtaposition of curves and straight lines, creating a strong sense
of identity and minimalist spirit: the dynamic momentum of the backrest and back legs meets a slightly
tilted cane-webbed seat, balanced harmoniously by the front legs. Thus, its retro taste combines with
the distinctive profile of the legs, which, together with other discreet details,
enrich Brulla with contemporary codes.


Is it France or Austria?
Is it Avant-Garde or retro?
Good for bistrot or better in your living?
Brulla can be all. and nothing of that. 

That's the why we like to describe it as a contemporary déjà-vu: Brulla has a strong retro taste,
harmonized by graphic lines and refined adjustments, made by our designer Skrivo.
It's not easy to define it, but it is always able to feature every setting:
you can easily see it either in a contemporary bistro or in a vintage living.

So, let'take a seat on its Vienna Straw seat and get ready to this new journey together, with Brulla.



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