The open-space sideboard

‘Di palo in frasca’ is a figurative expression in Italian that means to go off on a tangent, moving randomly from one topic to another. The dynamic and inventive nature of Palinfrasca is precisely what we like about it (hence the name).

Sometimes it prefers two shelves and looks like a sideboard, other times it wants three or four more and becomes, to all intents and purposes, a bookcase. Thus Palinfrasca is our new modular system, springing from the partnership with the Turin-based designer Fabio Fantolino. His aim is to create tailored solutions capable of suiting everyone: Palinfrasca meets this concept in its finest form, celebrating the entry of the designer to the Miniforms family.


Through its three different heights and depths it can be put together or taken apart to meet any and every need. And if that isn’t enough, take a look at the materials: the naturalness of the wood is combined with the lacquered finish bring touches of colour to your interior.
Try using it as a partition between different yet adjoining spaces: you can thus harmonise them without separating them, using an unusual point in common.

Are you ready to organise your objects and their setting? Find your inspiration, with Palinfrasca.

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