Illuminate all of your stories

The first Ozz came about in 2019, combining a lamp and a side table into a musical ensemble that blends in easily with any home setting. In 2020, the collection expanded, like its distinctive arc: with Ozz Floor, we have moved from an intimate and individual mood to something more decorative and convivial, making it the protagonist of all living spaces. The same year heralded Ozz Wall, which inserts the same forms into a wall element, thus reaching also the dining room or the more sophisticated home-office.

We now know that every room has something to say, and we want to interpret all of them: hence the arrival of Ozz Desk and Ozz Wall S.


They present the same lines and volumes featured in the Ozz line, but each in its own way. While the little Ozz Desk exploits the adjustable shade to broaden its range, Ozz Wall S can be combined with a handy shelf, where mementoes and habits return to centre stage.

Pick your story, find the right dimension and then illuminate it, with Ozz.

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