Making Craftsmanship Last

Our job is a collective commitment. We are craftsmen and we are all different. There are carpenters, glass blowers, there is who shapes ceramics, who upholsters armchairs, and who recans chairs. Each of us inherited the know-how from our family's traditions and retained it still. Machines help us, but our hands do the most part.



We spend a lot of time in the laboratory. Some of our craftsmen beam at us confessing that they began in a small garage, like Steve Jobs. Others, instead, renovated their fathers' old workshops. A laboratory is a fascinating place and each one has different smells and colours. The glass factory is a really warm place where master glassmakers work with open windows even in winter. Where the ceramic is made, instead, you can smell the dried clay and appreciate the quietness of the lab.

Our projects are born in one laboratory and end in another one. It's a choral work, where everyone puts their skills in a complementary context, becoming an essential part of the finished object. At the end of the day, we feel satisfied thinking that we have made a table. Tomorrow we will make a chair.