We went back to school

Last year, during the pandemic, H-Campus was built in about 10 months. Designed by Zaa, architect of the year 2020, the area is the biggest tech research and educational centre in Europe, 30 hectares of land turning the Venetian countryside into a Silicon Valley, between the lagoon and the Alps. We had to be part of it. 

It was the first time we designed furniture for educational purpose, and we made it tailored. A bespoke collection was born using just three materials: birch wood, cork and metal.


We made tables, desks, note-boards, whiteboards, office pods, cabinets, clothes stands and even a stage. We have cut, milled, squared, shaped, sanded, varnished and assembled more than 100 m3 of birch plywood in just two months of work.

It's a long way from first grade to college, and we are proud to have been able to furnish every step of this journey. We used to draw on desks, now we made them.