Green Program

We have a social responsibility that spurs us on to manufacture locally based on circular economy thinking, from the choice of materials to suppliers who share our same objective of being environmentally aware of what we do. For this reason we use wood sourced from reforested areas and painting methods that reduce solvent emissions. 

All this is part of the innovation that goes into developing our products and improving our lifestyles. We support a design culture that studies functionality, aesthetics and sustainable development.



Our manufacturing processes are carefully studied and upgraded on an on-going basis. It all starts amidst the landscapes where we developed, the Venetian lagoon, extending then into the rest of Italy. We cannot ignore the importance of living in these areas, which is why we want to preserve them using internationally inspired business models enhanced by the local culture. 

We prefer to work with partners in the textile industry who apply the ethics of re-use. Two fabrics in particular in our collection are produced from reprocessed waste, through for example, the recycling of classic plastic bottles. They are produced using fibres derived from disposed waste, which instead of going to landfill, is then reprocessed, spun and dyed.