Rushing is a romantic gesture

Rushing a chair is like a sport, so the artisans say. A Pelleossa seat takes an hour and a half, about the same time as a football match, but instead of feet running around a field, here it is the hands that do the work.

This is a team game, or rather a game played in pairs. The seat is set on a pedestal ready to start being dressed. Pelleossa becomes the artisans' model, and they move around it like tailors. After ninety minutes, the dress is ready. 

The energy is palpable. The weave is built up with a rapid, regular rhythm. Rushing has strong physical connotations, and if you don't wear gloves, it will leave marks on your hands.


The rushes are obtained from the canna indica plant, and they are very durable. The checkered weave is the strongest way to rush a seat, because it distributes the weight evenly across the surface. The weaving process is particularly complex and demands a combination of strength and absolute precision. 

The rushed seat is an archetype of the vernacular tradition throughout the world. With this new rushed version, Pelleossa seeks to pay homage to that ancestral imagery. A simple, sturdy object, destined never to grow old.


Pelleossa Stool