Plauto, an instinctive affinity

Like the Roman playwright whom it takes its name from, Plauto scans the past seeking ideas for the future.
It does it by staging a single actor, the wood, which can be free to perform its whole repertoire of shapes: flat, curved, pointed... 

A distant inspiration defined the approach of its creation: the monolithic structure. From the main concepts of a mono-block and mono-material, Plauto has gradually taken shape in the minds of Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti, up to the result we see today. Its shaped top seems to float on the "leaf-cut" legs, thus balancing the different weights and shapes that compose its figure.


The two designers have been able to maintain the primordial approach at the origin of their project, without neglecting the current needs: the elements of this creation are still massive and spreading a monumental allure, but the improvement in its design process made it possible to soften its profiles and open it up to the choice of different finishes. Precisely, Plauto is available in three natural wooden essences - Flamed Oak, Canaletto Walnut and Black Ash - perfectly playing in harmony with a wooden, ceramic or marble top.

In this way, Plauto table stands majestic and contemporary at the same time: unmissable for wood-lovers, sophisticated for the experimenters, but always and only an authentic tribute for us at Miniforms.