Things That Are
Very Miniforms

six little things that reflect who we are.



Pouring sugar into wine is an insult to fine cooking. But if you whip eggs, sugar and wine together you make zabaglione.
You have to be careful about what you mix together. We try our utmost to please as many tastes as possible as we experiment with creativity, culture and good design.


You can tell a lot about a person by peeping into their wardrobe. To understand something about us, however, you just have to look at our furniture.
We're eclectic, but selective. We don't like to overdo things and prefer simplicity to frivolity. Our style is not strained because, to be authentic, elegance must be a natural extension of oneself.


We know it's hard to amaze you. How can we, if you've already seen everything? Well, once in a while we succeed.


Just as humans are 65% water, Miniforms are 65% wood. We like to think that we are like Geppetto, giving life to the wood, because nowadays it is too easy to stand still.

Made in Italy

We champion the uniqueness of craftsmanship. Every day, with commitment and passion, our people product unique objects in which the rigour of design meets the distinctive mark of human work. We use machines to help us, of course; large-scale, hi-tech machinery to keep up with the modern manufacturing process.


Italo Calvino once wrote: "Take a light approach to life. Lightness does not mean being superficial, but gliding above things from on high, not having burdens on your heart".
We couldn't agree more.

The penguin is on the table

We believe that elegance is not a drab aesthetic but a vibrant, colourful approach. Sometimes you're serious. Sometimes you're light-hearted. That's life. But at least when you're at home, try to be carefree.

Look after your home, choose a nice colour palette, buy flowers to put on the table. Or a little penguin, as we did.
The main thing is to take it easy occasionally and enjoy the little things with elegance. Our furniture will help you.