Living-space invaders

Prepare your living space for an invasion of light: if you’re scared of the dark or the temperature of the light is never quite right (a bit like the water in the shower), Rificolona is just what you’ve been waiting for.

When Rificolona is switched on, the light is diffused softly and evenly through a textured surface that resembles a lunar landscape, formed of small grains of PLA whose transparencies interact with the light.


Rificolona carries a hint of Munari’s travels in Japan, before returning to Florentine folklore: reassuring in the living room, it becomes striking in the contract context, even switched off, allowing you to appreciate its shape in full and thus becoming a decorative element in any space.
Its large size is balanced out by the lightness of the material from which it is made, evident in its delicate swaying motion.

It comes in two versions: suspended, featuring a dual cable system that lets you adjust the tilt with a simple gesture; with a base, standing on the floor on three slender legs in black metal.

It’s fine on its own, but it loves company: you can therefore find Rificolona by itself when positioned to light up corners in various settings, or simply to give a space personality; in a pair, gracefully floating above work surfaces or home life; but also in a pack: this happens when it is placed in stairwells, lobbies or simply in large rooms, for special events or just to create an evocative atmosphere, even at home.

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