Curved with care

 From a sketch on paper to a product and its name: Nami’s name echoes the sinuous inspiration of its base, crafted in bent wood. In the hands of the craftsman, the material seems almost elastic, modelled to express character and musicality. You can pick the genre yourself through tops and finishes: round, oval, rectangular, barrel-shaped, in wood or fully lacquered in 13 colours.

Top Finishing

Lacquered Antracite
Lacquered Bianco
Lacquered Bisanzio
Lacquered Bloody Mary
Lacquered Burro
Lacquered Creta
Lacquered Grigio Seta
Lacquered Mattone
Lacquered Nero
Lacquered Nuvola
Lacquered Pino
Lacquered Pompei
Lacquered Zucca
Calacatta Black
Ceppo di Gré
Statuario White
Black Ash
Canaletto Walnut
Flamed Oak

Legs Finishing

Lacquered (just like the top)
Black Ash
Canaletto Walnut
Flamed Oak