The Funky Chair

Mariolina came from an exploration into the world of polypropylene and its new developments, combining it with a delicate, honest aesthetic. The body is so simple that it can be drawn without the pen leaving the paper, balancing a careful style, attentive to the present, with the desire to break free of fashion. Mariolina is the answer to the need for an eclectic product, made with a contemporary production method and suitable for everyday life.

Mariolina – The Funky Chair

La prima Mariolina è nata in un freddo pomeriggio di Febbraio, in una piccola fabbrica di stampi tra gli Appenini. Era l’inizio del 2018. Questo, è quello che è successo.

Legs Finishing

Lacquered Albicocca
Lacquered Antracite
Lacquered Blu Intenso
Lacquered Grigio Seta
Lacquered Rosso Marsala
Zinc-coated Metal
Black Ash

Structure Finishing

Blu Intenso
Marsala Red
Silk Gray

Textiles Finishing

Canva Blu
Canva Giallo
Canva Grigio scuro
Canva Petrolio
Canva Sabbia
Canva Sale
Loop Orange
Loop Blu Notte
Loop Burro
Loop Cioccolato
Loop Smoke Grey
Loop Black
Loop Rosso
Peplo Blu notte
Peplo Cannella
Peplo Giallo ocra
Peplo Grigio chiaro
Peplo Grigio tortora
Peplo Rosso mattone
Tramè Orange
Tramè Beige
Tramè Dark Grey
Tramè Mela
Tramè Black
Tramè Dove Gray
Tramè Uva
Vescom Norfolk
Vescom Norfolk Anthracite
Vescom Norfolk Bee
Vescom Norfolk Ice
Vescom Norfolk Milk and Mint
Vescom Norfolk Brick
Vescom Norfolk Night
Vescom Norfolk Petrol-Green
Vescom Norfolk Pink
Vescom Norfolk Salt and Pepper
Vescom Wilson
Vescom Wilson Energetic
Vescom Wilson Electric Yellow
Vescom Wilson Graphite
Vescom Wilson Lagoon
Vescom Wilson Snow
Vescom Wilson Field
Vescom Wilson Rosé
Vescom Wilson Salt and Pepper
Vescom Wilson Sapphire
Big Boss
Big Boss Muschio
Big Boss Nocciola
Big Boss Nuvola
Big Boss Porpora
Big Boss Porpora
Big Boss Senape
Big Boss Turchese
Kvadrat Field 2
Kvadrat Field 2 - 142
Kvadrat Field 2 - 343
Kvadrat Field 2 - 463
Kvadrat Field 2 - 673
Kvadrat Field 2 - 763
Kvadrat Field 2 - 843
Kvadrat Field 2 - 943
Kvadrat Relate
Kvadrat Relate 121
Kvadrat Relate 341
Kvadrat Relate 461
Kvadrat Relate 561
Kvadrat Relate 611
Kvadrat Relate 711
Kvadrat Relate 821
Kvadrat Relate 941
Maharam Metric
Maharam Metric Alligator
Maharam Metric Canary
Maharam Metric Film
Maharam Metric Galah
Maharam Metric Kiln
Maharam Metric Lava
Maharam Metric Midday
Maharam Metric Seaport
Maharam Metric Talisman
Torrilana Gubbio
Torrilana Gubbio 21
Torrilana Gubbio 40
Torrilana Gubbio 44
Torrilana Gubbio 47
Torrilana Gubbio 48
Torrilana Gubbio 50
Torrilana Gubbio 61
Vescom Harding
Vescom Harding 02
Vescom Harding 03
Vescom Harding 04
Vescom Harding 05
Vescom Harding 08
Vescom Moore
Vescom Moore Lampone
Vescom Moore Margherita
Vescom Moore Saetta
Vescom Moore Uva
Vescom Rolla
Vescom Rolla Midnight Blue
Vescom Rolla Peacock
Vescom Rolla Cherry
Vescom Rolla Graphite
Vescom Rolla Steamed Milk
Vescom Rolla Mustard
Erimiti Cloud
Erimiti Cloud Midnight Blue
Erimiti Cloud Bordeaux
Erimiti Cloud Hazelnut
Erimiti Cloud Walnut
Erimiti Cloud Cream
Erimiti Cloud Petrol-Green
Erimiti Cloud Mustard
Maharam Merit
Maharam Merit - 003
Maharam Merit - 008
Maharam Merit - 011
Maharam Merit - 023
Maharam Merit - 025
Maharam Merit - 033
Maharam Merit - 035
Maharam Merit - 037
Rohi Cleo
Rohi Cleo Azalee
Rohi Cleo Flamingo
Rohi Cleo Lemon
Rohi Cleo Magma
Rohi Cleo Ocean
Rohi Cleo Peach
Rohi Cleo Pepper
Rohi Cleo Sky
Rohi Mica
Rohi Mica Breva
Rohi Mica Calla
Rohi Mica Crisp
Rohi Mica Indio
Rohi Mica Jungle
Rohi Mica Papillon
Rohi Mica Sanddorn
Rohi Mica Secret
Rohi Sera
Rohi Sera Berry
Rohi Sera Glow
Rohi Sera Mare
Rohi Sera Mirage
Rohi Sera Pepper
Rohi Sera Rosewood
Rohi Sera Tivoli
Rohi Sera Walnut
Dedar Sansone
Dedar Sansone Cactus
Dedar Sansone Champagne
Dedar Sansone Ebano
Dedar Sansone Encre
Dedar Sansone Havane
Dedar Sansone Persia
Dedar Sansone Terre d’ombre
Dedar Sansone Tournesol
Dedar Sansone Zucca
Dedar Voulez-Vous
Dedar Voulez-Vous Amarena
Dedar Voulez-Vous Fragola menta
Dedar Voulez-Vous Girasole
Dedar Voulez-Vous Noce di cocco
Dedar Voulez-Vous Sambuco
Dedar Voulez-Vous Tabacco
Dedar Voulez-Vous Tiramisu
Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3
Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 - 515
Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 - 526
Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 - 616
Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 3 - 983
Kvadrat Suunta
Kvadrat Suunta Crocus
Kvadrat Suunta Iris
Kvadrat Suunta Narcis
Kvadrat Suunta Peony
Kvadrat Suunta Primavera
Kvadrat Suunta Tulip
Kvadrat Tero Out
Kvadrat Tero Out Borgogna
Kvadrat Tero Out Notte
Kvadrat Tero Out Nuvole
Kvadrat Tero Out Panna
Kvadrat Tero Out Robot
Kvadrat Tero Out Sole
Kvadrat Tero Out Tabacco
Kvadrat Tero Out Verde prato
Maharam Oxbow
Maharam Oxbow Dianthus
Maharam Oxbow Legume
Maharam Oxbow Module
Maharam Oxbow Montage
Maharam Oxbow Noveau
Maharam Oxbow Trope
Sahco Zero
Sahco Zero Petrolio
Sahco Zero Sale e Pepe
Sahco Zero Zucchero

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