The tenor of life

It almost feels like a ritual. Sitting down, with soft light, and pressing play on your smartphone. Then letting vibrations do their thing.

Caruso invites you to sit down, take a break, and find again the magic to hear and see an object that plays good music. It stands on the edge of irony, a little futuristic, a little nostalgic, managing to combine hi-tech to the living for a multi-sensory décor.





50 watt of high fidelity

Caruso is equipped with a 50 Watt Hi-Fi system. Just one single speaker loud as you need: immersive basses that massage the ears and rich highs.

You can connect any device with built-in Bluetooth to Caruso.
Switch it on and connect to "Miniforms Audio". Then play the music.


Legs Finishing

Lacquered Black

Structure Finishing

Lacquered Anthracite
Lacquered Apricot
Lacquered Black
Lacquered Canapa
Lacquered Dusty Gray
Lacquered Intense Blue
Lacquered Juta
Lacquered Marsala Red
Lacquered Silk Gray
Lacquered Veronese Green
Lacquered Visone
Lacquered White
Black Ash
Flamed Oak
Heat-Treated Oak
Vintage Oak

Details Finishing

Anthracite Ceramic
Beige Ceramic
Coral Ceramic
Crema Glazed Ceramic
Intense Blue Ceramic
Jade Ceramic
Marsala Red Ceramic
Peltro Glazed Ceramic
Terracotta Glazed Ceramic
Veronese Green Ceramic
White Ceramic
Window Gray Ceramic
Yellow Ceramic