Packed with design

Its name clearly points to its purpose: the Container sideboard springs from industrial inspiration, an origin that is accentuated by its lacquered colours, yet mellowed in its wood finish. In short, it will always find a place in your living area, one way or another.

Top Finishing

Lacquered Anthracite
Lacquered Apricot
Lacquered Bisanzio
Lacquered Black
Lacquered Bloody Mary
Lacquered Canapa
Lacquered Dusty Gray
Lacquered Pompei
Lacquered Silk Gray
Lacquered Visone
Lacquered White
New Lacquered Juta
Palladio Doge
Palladio Moro
Zinc-coated metal
Calacatta Black
Statuario White
Black Ash
Canaletto Walnut
Flamed Oak

Legs Finishing

Lacquered (just like the structure)
Zinc-coated Metal

Structure Finishing

Lacquered (just like the top)
Black Ash
Canaletto Walnut
Flamed Oak