Roman references

The harmony of the Albio table conceals an imperial charm: this first version is crafted in Travertine marble, a material favoured by the Romans to build their most celebrated monuments. The top is rounded irregularly on every side and it rests on a sleek, faceted triangular base. The softness of its organic top is matched by the solid slab of its base, harmoniously combined in a single  sculptural body. Finishes are available in full Travertine, wood or lacquer, as a dining table or in a smaller coffee table version, which can become modular if needed.


Structure Finishing

Lacquered Antracite
Lacquered Bianco
Lacquered Bisanzio
Lacquered Bloody Mary
Lacquered Burro
Lacquered Creta
Lacquered Grigio Seta
Lacquered Mattone
Lacquered Nero
Lacquered Nuvola
Lacquered Pino
Lacquered Pompei
Lacquered Zucca
Black Ash
Canaletto Walnut
Flamed Oak