The open-space sideboard

From the low composition reminiscent of a sideboard, to the higher one that brings to mind a window overlooking a beautiful landscape, the perfect spot for all good reading. Palinfrasca allows your mind to wander, with long and tall compositions to meet your every need.
The apparently sharp lines are softened by the details: the shelves curve to embrace the uprights; they in turn are rounded, creating a simply perfect union. 

Structure Finishing

Ash Stained Walnut
Black Ash

Shelves Finishing

Lacquered Antracite
Lacquered Bisanzio
Lacquered Bloody Mary
Lacquered Burro
Lacquered Creta
Lacquered Grigio Seta
Lacquered Mattone
Lacquered Nero
Lacquered Nuvola
Lacquered Pino
Lacquered Pompei
Lacquered Zucca
Laquered Bianco