An Illuminated Story

Ozz is a three lamp family and each one has its own character. If Ozz first concept was to design an intimate light, Big Ozz and Ozz Wall are a whole other story, as their eyes-to me big sizes make them key figures for the home. 

Big Ozz has a thin arc, less than 2 cm diameter, that curves in a dramatic trajectory and without any effort returns to its original shape. Don’t worry, we tested it hard. Big Ozz is a pair work between the 40 kg concrete basement and the lampshade. Without one, the other cannot simply exist. That's why Ozz is light and stone. 

Ozz Wall is a winner at the dining table, where it becomes a wall lamp. The arc becomes shorter, and it rotates with just one hand. The lampshade is adjustable too, for exploiting the light even in the darkest study.


Ozz is designed by Paolo Cappello with Simone Sabatti. You know, two heads are better than one. “The goal was to design a product where two different functionalities could coexist in a unique shape” explain the designers. “Imagine Ozz as your new buddy, something you could always rely on. The illumination towards the wood surface is here to support our needs: a pair of reading glasses, a book, a drink, everything that has a meaning for us.”


Ozz Floor
Ozz Wall