The Botera Cut

Botera is a family of modular upholstery, chubby but not too heavy. We designed it with an oversize cut, with a curvy silhouette that makes you want to sit down and never get up.

Padded with four different types of foam, Botera’s design focuses on comfort. A chunky cushion forms the base from which the high or low backrest is developed, making this armchair ideal for use in modular arrangements. To relax, nod off or just put your feet up, all modules share a squishy seat in different lengths, forming a sofa, a pouf or an armchair.


It’s precisely through its compositions that Botera brings people together and encourages them to socialise, breaking down the final boundaries between home and contract settings to create a soft, personal, hybrid space. These eclectic modules are conceived for spaces that change. From the exuberance of the sofa to the casual ease of the pouf, these modules expand into their space in long compositions or contract to fill cosy nooks.

The project is designed by E-ggs: "Botera is a round figure whose comfortable volumes give it an outstanding look, like a soft cloud. We wanted to transmit this feeling through the plastic expansion and dilation of forms”

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