Bice: a chair with all ears

We love its simplicity: from its lines to its mood, Bice has everything we want from a chair. Simple yet distinctive, entirely in wood, yet contemporary, graphic and resolutely offbeat.

Its solid wood backrest is the key: a single, whole piece of wood, which breaks the boundaries of the design and in doing so, defines it. Its arrangement flows from there: lines are pursued and brought together, resulting in a highly technical and organic aesthetic synthesis. Take a pencil and sketch its shape: it will become clear just how much softness lies behind its contemporary appeal.


The circularity suggested by the backrest profile is fulfilled in its rounded, curved wood seat. Linking them together are the two back legs, gently diverging as they reach the floor, with a subtle curve at the seat. This discreet yet essential detail creates the «X» where the front and back legs meet.

The result is a disarming yet iconic simplicity; much like a beloved cartoon character, we are already picturing it in all kinds of everyday situations.

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