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Superpop likes to turn plastic into art using a combination of recycling and colour. It thus becomes supersustainable, superlight and supercool, in extremely versatile, compact designs: coffee table, bedside table and stool.


This project was guided by our focus on the product’s second life, creating Superpop only with recycled and recyclable plastic. The waste material used to make it is sorted by type and then melted at a low temperature. This means its very creation kick-starts a circular green process that reduces environmental impact, making Superpop sustainable throughout its entire lifespan – and beyond.

Superpop is the proof that green design can also be fun: choose from 4 hues to bring a splash of colour to any setting, or mix them up together. Whether in the shower or in the garden, as a coffee table or as a quirky stand: show off your true colours.

It’s almost too easy to move around: just pick it up and put it wherever you want! Lightweight and resistant, with a smooth surface free from sharp edges – it’s safe for kids too.


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