Our new catalogue is now out. 

A bright sunny day and well-defined shadows, elegant spaces and generously sized upholstered furniture, lived-in places and products with stories yet to be written.

We selected one single location for the many new products featured in our new catalogue.
Some figures? 35 degrees Celsius. 500 steps.

Oh, do you need more info?


The place is unique (in every sense of the word), but we had fun imagining many different situations: spacious rooms showcase the way we envision the office hall or the domestic interiors of a colourful Italian family, while large doors open onto our outdoor collections of coffee tables made from a variety of materials.

New shapes and colours embellish iconic products, while upholstered furniture becomes more technological, disguised by plump and enveloping shapesMany new products, all featured here.

To request your copy, contact your local agent or our sales team.