Nebula family

In astronomy, a nebula is a giant agglomeration of interstellar matter that appears as a luminous cloud: hence the inspiration for the Nebula collection.

Nebula came down from Space to bring us its aesthetic: a dense, enveloping design, lightened by sleek lines that reach for the sky. Thus it seems to take on the consistency of a cloud, transforming with ease, all the while maintaining a clear and recognisable identity: the two teardrop arms are a key feature of the seat, armchair and lounge chair, each with different types of bases suitable to land anywhere.


The lounge version of Nebula celebrates technology but keeps it low-key, eliminating any suggestion of stuffiness. This is achieved through three different models: a static tubular one, and two with a tilt and return mechanism and a base in wood or aluminium, making a neat and relaxing addition to your daily life. The aluminium legs are replicated on the practical footrest.

Introduced this year for the first time at Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Nebula collection merges design and sustainability. We chose polyurethane as the only material for the padding: soft foam for the padding and hard foam for the shell, thus obtaining a fully recyclable product. 
This is our way of thinking green: we give products a second life, we avoid dullness and jazz them up with somewhat exaggerated and loud, but extremely comfortable shapes.

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