No longer alone

Monoplauto has felt somewhat jealous since Plauto MAXXXI took off. It’s hard not to notice while it shows off standing tall on its three new wooden legs. 

Monoplauto has only one leg, and prefers solidity over lightness. Its characteristic leaf-shaped legs have merged into one, encompassing all the power and monolithic inspiration of its design.

The tabletop takes advantage of its strong and solid base to look lighter, experimenting with multiple shapes: round, oval, and even organic. A new shape that seems to have been softly moulded by water (or caressed by a skilled hand), to enable its interaction with various environments: home interiors, office, communal areas or commercial settings as a unique furnishing solution.

So, even Monoplauto is now gaining in demand and appreciation. So much so that it has doubled its support, and so its single leg is no longer alone. It probably got a bit carried away, but we feel that the end result is simply amazing.


Available in 4 lengths with a maximum of up to 6 metres, it can now also speak up and call itself MAXXXI. The refined features of Plauto have been replaced by a bolder design that identifies a new concept of office environment: more powerful and expressive, while retaining the elegance of its lines in relation to the tabletop. 

The wood finish enhances its substantial shapes and characterises the collection. The tabletop lends itself to various customisation options: wood or paired with ceramic.
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