Italian-style conviviality

If you need to seat a crowd, this is the table for you. There's never enough space at family dinners: it is not easy to seat your grandad and find the right place for your auntie; a plate of spaghetti here, a glass of wine there, and anything can happen!

If you're feeling brave you can make use of the full length of Plauto Maxxxi to tell at your mum that you've gone vegan or to tell your granny that you don't want a third helping of lasagna. Otherwise you can use it for the Wednesday night meeting of your gnocchi lovers' circle.


Whatever use you make of it, we are sure you will love its graceful design. Its imposing stature is lightened and balanced with pure wood elements, and looks at its best in spacious surroundings.
And so it is that Plauto Maxxxi shifts deftly between traditional family gatherings and more contemporary corporate meetings, with a top that can reach up to 6 meters in length, sitting gracefully on its three monumental legs.

In addition to the company you keep, you can also choose the finish: Flamed oak, black ash or Canaletto walnut, with the top in matching wood or in ceramic. No-one will be disappointed.


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Plauto Maxxxi