For those of us who are more organised, and for those who want to become organised: if you also think September is the time for setting good monthly intentions, Container has plenty to offer. It can even measure up to 3 metres in length!

It consists of one single slatted module, with the same height and depth, and is available in 3 lengths. The slatted feature adds visual lightness and movement to our typical bi-fold system.


A name that leaves no room for doubt, but says a lot more: crafted for the living room, it is ideal for storing but also for displaying: whether it’s for your new collection of succulent plants, for the stack of books that you no longer want to keep stashed in the attic, or for the TV set you’ve wanted so badly.

If you already love it, you can maintain its industrial style with lacquered shades to create an eclectic living room, or make an office environment a more comfortable place featuring a natural wood finish.
Each individual element can be customised from top to bottom: colour the base, choose the right mood for the casing, leave the natural wood top or add a finish to it.

The choice is yours. 

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